September Film Round Up

October 6, 2017 — Leave a comment

From the great to the shocking, here’s a round up of what I was writing about in September.

Tom of Finland (2017, Dir: Dome Karukoski) – ‘Tom of Finland might not be as subversive as its namesake, but as a celebration of a man who meant and means so much to so many, it does more than a good enough job.’ Full review at

The Only Living Boy in New York (2017, Dir: Marc Webb) – ‘The Only Living Boy in New York is a grating affair from Bridges’ opening monologue, on the death of New York’s soul, through to the rushed ending that prides itself on throwing you a curve ball that comes too late in the day.’ Full review at

001 Trolling (2017, Dir: Gregg Golding) – ‘Golding has a long list of topics he wants to take aim at including mob mentality, sexual assault, racial profiling, law enforcement, abuse of power, pop culture, commercialism and so on. And he wants to do it all in less than 80 minutes.’ Full review at

The Staging Post (2017, Dir: Jolyon Hoff) – ‘The Staging Post is a quiet film with a loud message.’ Full review at

Good Time (2017, Dir: Benny and Josh Safdie) – ‘As with Cosmopolis and The Rover, Pattinson proves himself to be an actor who truly inhabits the characters he’s given.’ Full review at

The Devil’s Candy (2016, Dir: Sean Byrne) – ‘The Devil’s Candy is a short, sharp shock of terror that knows well enough to keep its audience in the dark even as the sun rises in its final shot.’ Full review at

Bonejangles (2017, Dir: Brett DeJager) – ‘Whilst the film should be commended for its concept, the fact of the matter is that Bonejangles never cuts to the jugular like it should do.’ Full review at

Neil Stryker and the Tyrant of Time (2017, Dir: Rob Taylor)  – ‘Neil Stryker’s tongue is so firmly within its cheek, it’s in danger of coming out the other side.’ Full review at

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