Nerds Today, Bosses Tomorrow

May 8, 2014 — 2 Comments

Bullying in all forms should not be tolerated.

See that sentence? It’s pretty clear and concise, but unfortunately it doesn’t end the problem. It’s like saying, if we all turn our backs on Justin Bieber he’ll eventually get the idea and skip back across the border to Canada.

VH-1, the grown up home for grown-ups for grown up music like Maroon 5, has waded into the topic of bullying with a public service announcement aimed squarely at the bullies. ‘See that child,’ it cries, ‘See how you introduce his head to the contents of the toilet bowl in front of you. One day, oh one fine day, he will be an adult and you better brace yourselves. Because he is going to make your life a living hell.’

Yes, rather than pointing out that debagging someone for your amusement is a shitty thing to do and let’s be honest we’re all humans at the end of the day, so let’s just all get along; VH-1 is appealing to the menacing masses with the suggestion that what you do now will impact on you in the next life. Much like God did in the popular book, The Bible, but with the next life being eternal damnation in an office cubicle being crushed under foot by the girl you called Smelly Kelly.

One of the problems here, aside from suggesting all bullying is merely physical, is kids don’t work like that. As they’re writing another comment on Kevin’s Facebook wall about how he should just die, they’re unlikely to stop when you intervene with a glimpse of a future where Kevin is your boss and refusing you some leave. If anything, it’ll spur them on to punish them for future crimes like their Tom Cruise in Minority Report. I knew someone in college(!) who mocked me regularly because one day I might be rich like Bill Gates. In a future he’d created, I could have enough money to send a militia to his house and make him dance in his pants. This didn’t stop him lobbing bottles at my head. Well, jokes on them, I’m not rich. Ha! Bet they feel foolish now.

And there’s that other problem, where the ad suggests that bullying is just a right of passage with the dividends being a chance to spend your adult life being shitty to others. Again, this is not how bullying works. Victims do not all become vindictive with a thirst for their tormentors head on a spike. Often they become introverted and lose a part of themselves they’ll never get back.

VH-1’s intentions are admirable. Topics like bullying need to be addressed. But it needs to be taken more seriously than with a parody of Donna Summers. In real life, no matter how hard a child sings I Will Survive, they sometimes don’t.

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2 responses to Nerds Today, Bosses Tomorrow

    Mike Spooner May 9, 2014 at 6:05 pm

    Fantastic article mate and interesting topic.

    I remember a similar message from the boys at Penny Arcade, essentially telling their fans to accept bullying for the moment as “nerds run this shit” after school…

    …An easy sentiment to make when you’re the co-owners of a multi-million dollar entertainment franchise.

    Still, you may not be rich enough to pay for the gold-plated flying monkey corps to wreak faeces-inspired vengeance upon your enemies (yet), but as far as most people are concerned, you could be considered to be “winning”.

    Which is nice.


      Thanks for the feedback Mikey. As I said, I understand why people do these kind of advertisements, but I feel there are better ways of doing so. Preferably one that doesn’t keep the victim AND the bully situation going simply because it’s sen as being a part of school life.

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