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Similar in tone to films like The Football Factory, White Collar Hooligan 2 is about being a ‘geezer’ above all else. Mike Jacobs (Nick Nevern) is a low level thug in witness protection who has to raise a hefty ransom when his girlfriend is kidnapped by the very people he grassed up in court two years earlier.

Once Mike is given a countdown of four days to save his girlfriend, very little happens outside of him performing a global tour of finger pointing and swearing at foreigners. Trent also treats one of his few female characters as merely a commodity to move the plot forward. Is this to be expected in a film of this ilk? Maybe, but it does leave a bitter taste. Particularly during the film’s closing scene.

Director and writer, Paul Trent has made a number of these films and seems to know what his public wants. There’s a certain rough and ready charm to the film that means it does engage to a point. Whether it appeals to anyone outside of the niche football hooligan market is another matter.

This review originally appeared in FilmInk.