Death Note (2017)

March 6, 2018 — Leave a comment

‘Based on the highly successful Manga of the same name, 2017’s Death Note will always be synonymous with two things: being one of Netflix’s first forays into big budget filmmaking, and repackaging a Japanese story to sell it as a whitewashed tale for the US. The second of these two things is a serious matter to discuss and the film unintentionally highlights Hollywood’s fascination with assuming that Americans can’t relate to a character unless they’re white and male. See also: Ghost in the ShellPrince of PersiaDragonball: EvolutionThe Last Airbender, and so on. Without sounding flippant though, this isn’t Death Note’s only issue. Directed by Adam Wingard (The Guest), Death Note is a sluggish, tonally uneven film which cribs from the Donnie Darko style guide.’

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