Does Not Compute: Five Films That Show Technology is Not to Be Trusted

November 27, 2013 — Leave a comment

Antisocial, the frankly awesome tale of social networking gone awry, will be making it’s Aussie debut at Monster Fest this year (tickets available here), before being released on glossy Blu-ray and DVD on December 4th. Brutal, shocking and guaranteed to make you think twice about what you post on Facebook, we can’t wait to show it to you.

Technology has always been shitter. For every Manborg out there, there’s some other tech that will inevitably want to bite us on the ass. Just look at the Terminator films – James Cameron was clearly out to warn us all with those. But we’re all aware of Skynet now, the 90s have gone and we’re not in a desperate struggle against big metal skeletons. We dodged that bullet. But that doesn’t mean we should be resting on our laurels. John Noonan presents 5 other occasions where technology has nearly led to the downfall of humankind.


Demon Seed (1977)

Based on the novel Dean Koontz, 1977’s Demon Seed shows you exactly what happens when you go about creating Artificial Intelligence and don’t give it what it wants. In this case, the AI known as Proteus wants ‘out of this box’. Unwilling to comply, his creator shuts him down and goes and plays Minesweeper (maybe). Like a petulant child, Proteus manages to hack his way into his creator’s home security system. Therein, it takes his wife (Julie Christie) hostage and, horrifically, forces her to have its child. But it doesn’t stop there, no no. Proteus wants to put its consciousness into the child so that it can become human. Now look… There are upgrades and then there’s that!

Dean Koontz returned to his novel in 1997, rewriting it from the point of view of Proteus who, amongst other nefarious machinations, tries to use Muppet impressions to comfort his prisoner. Obviously not everyone is keen on remakes, but you have wonder about the damage Proteus could do with things like broadband, Wi-Fi and Simpsons Tapped Out.

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