Ms Holmes – A New Take on Sherlock Holmes

April 29, 2017 — Leave a comment

Ms Holmes

All John Watson wanted to do was hit the streets of Manchester and celebrate his birthday. What he didn’t count on was his friend, SH, crashing back into his life after a three year absence.

In a whirlwind 24 hours, John is thrown into a grotesque mystery and learns that SH has more than a few secrets in her knapsack.

Who is Michael?

What’s in the mysterious package left on a Wythenshawe doorstep?

And why exactly can’t Jurassic Park happen?

A modern interpretation of Sherlock Holmes, fans will appreciate the many nods and tributes to the world’s most famous consulting detective!



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Barnes and Noble


Ms Holmes: The Alderley Edge Vampire

SH has had enough. John has had enough of SH.

They both want something to kill the monotony of a consultancy dry patch.

Enter the PA for one of Manchester’s newest and brightest authors – The Alderley Edge Vampire.

Join Manchester’s only consulting detective/ex-criminal as she reluctantly jumps feet first into a case of stolen jewellery, gothic writers and the palatial homes of Alderley Edge.

And, as an added bonus, find out why SH has an issue with Stephen Hawking.



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Barnes and Noble


Ms Holmes: Baskerville

080221-091118When one of SH’s close friends runs away from her abusive father, she follows her to the village of Stepford, which is playing host to the Shadow of the Beast rave.

Plagued with concern for her friend, surrounded by temptation, and with John Watson nowhere to be found, SH looks for guidance and support in the rave’s organiser, Charles Baskerville, and homeless tearaway, Jack.

Told in SH’s own words, Ms Holmes: Baskerville will see Manchester’s only consulting detective facing up against some personal demons and shedding more light on those three years she was away from Watson.

‘I messed up, John. I think I messed up.’



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