The Frankenstein Theory

June 26, 2014 — Leave a comment

The found-footage genre has pretty much saturated the horror genre. Thought quick and affordable to make, you need that little something extra to stand out from the crowd of Paranormal Activity pretenders to the crown. In The Frankenstein Theory, a disgraced professor, believing himself to be related to the infamous Victor Frankenstein, leads an expedition to track down the iconic monster which he believes to be still alive.

Had anybody on board given the concept some thought, then it could have easily presented an interesting update of the gothic classic. A goal it fails to come even close to achieving. It’s not clear if the writers are trying to provide a revisionist attitude to Frankenstein’s monster, or whether they just skipped reading the novel to save themselves some time. Mary Shelly’s sentient creature is reduced to a howling git.

The premise of The Frankenstein Theory is relatively interesting, but it’s all just smoke and mirrors to conceal a Blair Witch Project rip-off. Instead, everyone seems happy to peddle out the usual clichés of night vision, action happening off camera and off the shelf characters shouting ‘what was that?’ and crying for their mums.

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